🔭Our Vision

Our vision is to create a unique gaming experience for Foodies, while creating a new marketing channel for the global Food & Beverage Industry.

Attract Gamers with the simplicity of Food : Creating the next wave of Blockchain adoption with powerful games that appeal to men & women, new gamers & oldtimers.

Create Global Reach for F&B Industry : Bringing Celebrity Chefs, Restaurants, popular Cooking Shows & Food Brands to Web3 audiences for the first time through NFTs & Virtual Experiences - giving them a global platform to engage & monetize.

Food Partner for Web3 Projects : Curating a Food experience for Web3 projects in the form of special menus for Game characters, and creative F&B catering for Web3 events & parties.

Bring NFTs to Life : Application of NFTs in real life, allowing users to swap OneRare NFTs for meals & deals in Restaurants worldwide.

Action Against Hunger : Work towards the cause of eliminating World Hunger by partnering with the F&B industry & Web3 projects to raise funds & awareness.

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