๐Ÿ›’Market: Buy,Sell & Rent

The OneRare Farmerโ€™s Market is our inhouse marketplace, where players can buy, sell and rent their NFTs. The Market transacts in $ORARE, our native token.

  1. BUY/SELL INGREDIENTS Farmers can come and list their ready produce at the market, setting their desired price. Once they input their ingredient, it automatically goes on sale in the market. Buyer can choose to buy multiple copies of 1 Ingredient at a time. Ingredients will be prioritized in the sale shelf as per cost - meaning the lower priced Onion will sell before the higher priced Onion. If a Buyer sets a purchase order for 3 onions, they will get a combined price for the 3 cheapest onions in the market.

  2. BUY/SELL DISH NFT CARDS Owners of OneRare Dish NFTs can also list and resell their dishes at the Farmerโ€™s market. They can put up their minted editions for sale, and set their own prices. For players looking to jump right into our exciting games, this is the quickest way forward.

  3. RENT/LEND DISH NFT CARDS Feeling the crunch of purchasing Dishes? Ease your load by renting one instead! Dish owners can lend their dishes for a cost to players who don't have the resources to make their own dish, or are desiring a particular dish. The Rent agreement is set for a certain price and duration, after which it returns back to its owner. Rented Dishes can cost you lesser than purchasing one, and neither party can violate the terms of the rent agreement, making it a win-win for all.

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