🪙ORARE Token

The native currency of the OneRare foodverse is ORARE, with multiple utilities within our game ecosystem. Token holders can play, invest and also be part of the game in various ways : 1. Staking at the Farm for Ingredient Rewards OneRare's gameplay begins at the Farm, where Farmers must stake $ORARE to earn Ingredient NFTs. The more you stake, the faster your Ingredients grow.

2. Transactions at the Farmer's Market All commercial transactions at the market will be facilitated by the ORARE token. Players can buy and sell Ingredients and Dishes at the market using $ORARE. $Orare can also be used to rent Dishes in the OneRare Lending Marketplace.

3. Burned to upgrade Dishes Orare tokens can be utilized to pay lab fees to level up Dishes in the OneRare Ecosystme.

4. Gameplay at the Playground Players can use ORARE tokens to participate in various games at the Playground, using it to enter contests, or enhance their gameplay like buying booster cards and Other Upgrades.

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