OneRare is spearheaded by Supreet Raju & Gaurav Gupta.

Supreet is a Gold Medalist from NIFT, Indiaโ€™s premier design institution. Having worked at the intersection of Design, technology and education for the past ten years, she focuses on creating simplistic designs that leads to true adoption. She specializes in UI/UX and heads Design & Outreach for OneRare.

Gaurav is an Engineer who has worked at the intersection of marketing and products. He has led growth marketing for businesses like Labster, Phllips, Squads & BridalLive and ventured into the Blockchain industry in 2017. He led the Blockchain Developer Program for Dash Network before building his own projects. With an expertise in growing communities, he heads the Tech & Marketing for OneRare.

The founding team is supported by a solid team of Developers, Graphic Designers, Social media experts & Advisors, each integral to the powerful growth of OneRare.

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