๐Ÿ’กOpportunities for Brands

OneRare is more than just a game. It is a true Foodverse where brands & users can share common spaces for interaction and engagement. Brands get a unique opportunity to explore new ways to build a direct, customized, one-to-one connection with a global userbase. Unlike traditional advertising where brands pay per view to build outreach, OneRare allows them to achieve this through novel methods on the blockchain. We are already seeing the first of Food brands come into the NFT space, with Coca Cola and Taco Bell releasing artworks.

OneRare allows brands to go one step further with our gameplay. Users can see an actual use-case of their product as Ingredients, discover their actual in-house menu & dishes, and get to truly interact with food. As we grow, users can immerse in interactive brand experiences to discover what their favorite food business stands for.

For established food brands, this is an opportunity to re-engerise their users and discover ways of monetisation in Web3. Having a Foodverse presence will enable them to reach out to global audiences, new generations that havenโ€™t yet tried them. This also makes the brand younger and more appealing, and an obvious next step from social media engagement.

For new & upcoming brands, OneRare provides the perfect platform to create their first digital impression at no cost at all. They get a chance to showcase their product and use-cases in Web3 and create recall value for audiences that donโ€™t know them yet.

For Chefs & Restaurants, we create the perfect window for global recognition. With their culinary skills and fame being limited to their region or social media channels, OneRare allows chefs to go truly global, and create an emphatic entry into Web3. Rather than independent NFT releases, chefs and restaurants get to be part of a Foodverse, where their dish is engaged meaningfully in gameplay.

The opportunity for the Food mavens to come into blockchain and monetise global audiences, rather than local, is tremendous. Taking their food to every corner of the world, OneRare aims to be the ultimate foodverse for the entire industry.

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