🥨Global F&B Industry

OneRare is bringing the global Food & Beverage industry to Web3. We are collaborating with various segments of the Food industry to create their first digital footprint on the blockchain via our NFTs and Virtual Experiences.

1. BRANDED NFTS IN GAMEPLAY OneRare will celebrate the iconic dishes of Celebrity Chefs & Restaurants in our Gaming Zone as exclusive Dish NFTs. We are also collaborating with Food companies for our Ingredients section, introducing branded ingredients in special recipes. These NFTs will hold special powers in the gameplay and allow foodies to celebrate their favorite icons.

2. VIRTUAL EXPERIENCES OneRare will partner with Food businesses to create their first Metaverse location - whether it is a virtual restaurant, event experience, virtual office or a unique gameplay. With each Food Partner, we will work on bringing their brand ethos into the Foodverse - allowing them to interact with global audiences, sell Recipes & Cookbook NFTs, create Online Ordering systems, interactive spaces and much more.

3. PROVIDING REAL LIFE UTILITY TO NFTs The true test of Food lies in the taste, and the true adoption of Web3 lies in the yumminess of our Food. OneRare strives to provide real life use-cases for NFTs - and Food Businesses can launch special offers, new menus and much more through our Foodverse.

What's in it for the brands ? A massive opportunity to enter Web3 and open up to global audiences.

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