1. Farm for Ingredients

The journey of a Foodverse Dish starts with Ingredients - just like the real world. Just like you cannot relish Pepperoni Pizza without the Pepperoni, our Dishes require you to have the right ingredients to cook up any dish. And all these Ingredients are grown in our very own Farm!
On the OneRare Farm, Farmers stake $ORARE and earn Ingredient NFTs as Harvest Rewards. Encouraging one and all to play, farmers do not need to own land in order to start farming.
The Farm is divided into two key areas : Stake and Harvest. STAKE Farmers can stake $ORARE Tokens to kickstart their crop and start growing Ingredients. The more you stake, the more quickly your Ingredient crops will harvest.
BOOST YIELD - Farmers can also choose to boost their yield by locking their $ORARE Tokens for a fixed duration and recieving higher dividends, aka, more ingredients! For all long term players, this is the best way to ensure you make the most from the Farm. HARVEST When your stake locks in, your Ingredients start to grow and accumulate. Once your Ingredient is ready to harvest, you will get an option to harvest it from our 6 Themed Pools : 🌿Farm Fresh - Fruits, Vegetables & Fresh Herbs 🍗Meat & Fish Co - Poultry, Meat and Seafood
Sunshine Dairy - Milk and Milk Products 🧂Spice Village - Spices, Seasonings and Condiments 🥫SuperMart - Packaged and Processed Food 🥐The Good Grain - Wheat, Rice and Flour Products
If you have multiple ingredients to harvest, you can choose to harvest them from the same pool in one go or split across different pools. You can also choose the option of "Whole Farm" for a Mixed Harvest of assorted ingredients.
Once the crop is harvested, you can take the Ingredients to the Kitchen to cook up your dish, or sell at the Farmer's Market for profits.
The Farm will also have environmental events akin to real life, that will alter supply chains. Droughts, excessive rains, tornadoes, global warming, and pest attacks can occur suddenly destroying a certain crop. This will cease farming of that particular ingredient for a duration (till the environment is resolved), and could cause inflation in the Farmer’s market.