🥇Game Economy & Prizes

In the dynamic Foodverse, the economy thrives through interconnected zones - the Farm, Market, and Gaming Arenas. Central to OneRare's vibrant Game Economy are two key elements -$ORARE - This premier virtual currency powers the OneRare Ecosystem, enabling diverse activities:

  • Farm Staking to Harvest Ingredient NFTs

  • Lab Fees for Culinary Mastery and Dish Enhancement

  • Marketplace Transactions for Ingredients and Culinary Creations

  • Lending Collectibles for Passive Earnings

  • Exclusive Vehicle and Skin Enhancements

  • Power Boosts in Various Gaming Challenges

  • Access to Exclusive Gamer Lounges


These are the functional currencies of the Gaming Zone. Chips, the spendable points, are earned through game levels and victories, facilitating access and upgrades within the Gaming Zones.

Munch, paralleling traditional XP points, accumulates weekly, reflecting your gaming prowess and positioning you on the thrilling OneRare Leaderboard, where weekly winners reap exciting rewards based on their Munch collection.

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