Ingredients & Dishes

Our Gaming Zone will celebrate Dishes from across the world - from the Costa Rican Cassado to the Korean Bulgogi. Our menu will feature the most popular dishes from various cultures and countries, foods loved by locals, traditional recipes, & Chef specials.
Being 2021, we have to also acknowledge the growing movement of Dietary choices as people look to eat healthy and consciously. Our menu will cater to specialised diets like Vegan, Keto and Paleo and curate special recipes for the community.
Each Dish will feature a Recipe - a special list of Ingredients used to make the Dish. Our Dishes & Ingredients are bespoke NFTs created by artists from across the world.
FUN FACT : INGREDIENT OR DISH ? How do you determine if your OneRare NFT is an Ingredient or a Dish ? We have the simplest hack for you - All our Ingredients are circular artworks, and all Dishes are square artworks.