Player Engagement

The OneRare Gaming Zone engages with two significant player groups - Farmers & Collectors. Both groups engage in an infinite gaming loop, and interact at the Farmer’s Market where the Farmer sells his produce to the Collector.
Farmers can farm for ingredients and sell their ripe crops at the Farmer’s Market, earning ORARE tokens. They can use their earnings for in-game upgrades like skipping farming wait times, speeding up future farms, or buying more pieces of land.
Collectors spot Dishes from our OneRare menu that they want to mint, and get to the task of collecting ingredients for it. They can choose to farm them or purchase them from the Farmers at the Market. Once they have successfully collected all the Ingredients, they can combine the recipe to cook the Dish NFT. They can use their Dish and Ingredients to play games at the Playground and earn NFT rewards and ORARE tokens. They can use ORARE to shop at the market & the NFT rewards to create more recipes.