Foodtruck Wars

Foodtruck Wars is an exclusive game for OneRare Dish owners, allowing them to pit their prized dishes against each other in a simulated setting. Each game will run in a three-player mode (PvPvP). The objective of the game is to earn maximum money from customers visiting your Foodtruck, beating the other 2 players.
Players will need to hold a minimum of 2 Dish NFTs in order to participate in the game. Upon entry, they will be randomly matched against 2 other players to commence the game. Each round will have a theme that will be declared at the start of the game. The theme could be a cuisine, festival, season or special occasion.
Based on the knowledge of the theme, each player can choose which Dish NFTs they wish to take into the wars. If they own only 2 Dishes, their dishes are entered by default. If they own more than 2, they can select which dishes are best suited to the theme. For example,
If the round theme is Mexican fiesta and the player owns Guacamole, Chicken Taco and Chicken Tikka Masala, they should choose Guacamole and Chicken Taco for getting a suitable game advantage.
With the selected dishes, the player sets up his Foodtruck and assigns a selling price to each dish between $1 to $20.
The game is showcases 1 day symbolised by 1 minute of gameplay. During this minute, 100 simulated customers will be visiting the Foodtrucks and eating from their favorite one. Their selection will depend on the theme of the round, personal preferences, pricing, as well as booster cards.
1. THEME OF THE ROUND Dishes closer to the Theme of the round will see better response as customers will come in a predetermined leaning for that cuisine. Dishes from countries geographically closer to the Theme will perform better than the ones farther away. For example, American dishes will perform better in a Mexican theme than Italian dishes.
2. PERSONAL PREFERENCES Each of the 100 customers to visit the Foodtruck will have some personal attributes that determine their behaviour. They will choose their food based on a mathematical formula created by the following characteristics :
  • Income level - spending ability to splurge on a dish or save up
  • Kids vs Adults - choosing simpler dishes over complex ones (based on number of Ingredients)
  • Food Influencers - looking for rarer dishes (with fewer mints) or Rarest of All
  • Moneybags - Special customer spending 3x on Food
  • Special Diets - Vegans, Vegetarians, Keto, Paleo
3. DISH PRICING COMPETITIVENESS How you price your dish will also determine its popularity and ability to sell. This becomes even more significant if another truck is serving the same dish as you. For example, If Foodtruck A sells beer at $3, and Foodtruck B sells beer at $5, the customer will likely pick Foodtruck A. However, if Foodtruck A is selling beer for $1, he would need to sell 5 to combat every sale at Foodtruck B. 4. BOOSTER CARDS (V 2.0) Version 2 will expand the Foodtruck Wars gameplay into 3 days, so players can strategize more.
Players need not fret if Day 1 did not go well for their Foodtruck. They have a chance to improve their game at the end of each day using Booster cards. Booster cards are special powers/actions that can influence customer behaviour or the simulated environment. Players can choose to play a card to increase traffic to their food truck, or play a card to increase the inclination of consumers to purchase a certain type of dish. For example, If your Foodtruck sells Pizza, you can play a Booster Card that removes all cutlery for the day, encouraging hand-eaten foods. If your Foodtruck sells Icecream, you can play a sunshine booster card that makes the weather hotter and increases demand for cold foods. Each player gets a chance to re-adjust their game at the end of Day 1 and Day 2. They get a 30 second window to alter the price of their dish, as well as play 1 Booster Card to get a game advantage. Each Booster Card is one-time use and will last for 1 day only, so they must use it cleverly for significant gains. At the end of the 3 days (3 simulated minutes), the cash registers for the 3 Foodtrucks will be tallied and the one to make the most sales will be declared the winner.