Types of Dishes

Our Menu will feature two types of Dishes :
1. RARE DISHES Rare Dishes will feature popular recipes from across the world that everyone loves to eat - Global favorites, street specials, traditional preparations and family recipes.
Rare Dishes can be minted multiple times but each subsequent mint will get progressively harder. The first mint of each Dish will require the player to collect 1 copy of each Ingredient. With each mint, the number of Ingredients needed to combine the recipe will increase by a factor of 2. The formula is set at 1 + 2 x (X-1).
As an example :
The First French Fry mint will require 1 Oil, 1 Potato and 1 Salt. The Second French Fry mint will require 3 Oil, 3 Potato and 3 Salt. The Third French Fry mint will require 5 Oil, 5 Potato and 5 Salt. The Tenth French Fry mint will require 19 Oil, 19 Potato and 19 Salt.
This also creates immense NFT value for the Dish collectors, which is unlike all other NFT systems where more mints = less value. OneRare Dishes become more valuable with every mint, as the minimum market value of the NFT becomes the last minted cost.
2. RAREST OF ALL The second category of Dishes will be Rarest of All, unique dishes that will be minted only once. This part of the menu will feature special collaborations with chefs, influencers, restaurants and Web3 projects, as well as unique & unusual recipes from around the world.
Being one-of-a-kind, the Rarest of All dishes will hold tremendous collector’s value and would grant them exclusive bragging rights to the dish. To claim bragging rights to OneRare Dishes, Players must traverse our Foodverse and collect Ingredients as per dish recipes. They must choose between time and money, as they navigate their path to collecting these Ingredients without risking another player claiming the dish before them. So how do you collect Ingredients ? Let’s dive into the Gameplay.