For the Love of Food

Food is a universal language transcending all barriers - age, gender & geography. A plate of food could mean so much - comfort for a sick day, feast for celebrations, nostalgia from family recipes. Everyone from the age of 2 to 92, has an opinion on food, and they’re not afraid to share it.
The Global Food industry is proof to that. With an estimated market size of $6196.15 billion in 2021, Food has grown from an item of consumption to an active conversation. We now have Food trends based on the consumer’s changing mindset and lifestyle. We have Food workshops not just for cooking recipes, but for understanding food palates & finding other foodies. We have Food Styling & photography as people begin to eat with their eyes first.
Over the past decade, Food has also grown as one of the largest content drivers on Television/OTT and social media networks. The rousing success of cooking competitions like Masterchef & Top Chef, specialised Food channels and Food influencers have spurred extremely loyal fan followings. Audiences are glued to food content - whether it is the making of a cake on Instagram, or Gordon Ramsay critiquing contestants.
COVID-19 has further spurred interest in Food as a global conversation and activity. Locked down in the pandemic, everyone ended up in their kitchens - whether cooking basic meals for survival, or recreating culinary gems they miss from restaurants. As millions scoured the internet for recipes and hacks, Food posts emerged as the largest category on social media - spurring trends like Dalgona coffee, Banana Bread and Pancake Cereal.
OneRare brings this passion and conversation to Web3 for the first time. Our Foodverse constructs the first road for Foodies to interact with the blockchain, engage with their favorite chefs and Food businesses, play immersive games, and build a strong global community around Food.