The Farm is our Play-to-Earn land, where farmers can come and grow Ingredients by staking $ORARE. Encouraging one and all to play, farmers do not need to own land in order to start farming.
Farmers can choose from a wide range of farmable Ingredients, including vegetables, fruits, dairy and essentials. They can make their choice based on a recipe they wish to mint, or farm to sell their produce on the Farmer’s market & earn ORARE tokens.
Farmers stake $ORARE in an Ingredient Pool of their choice and earn NFT Ingredients as Rewards. Once the crop is ripe and ready, farmers can take the NFTs to the Farmer's Market for sale.
The Farm will also have environmental events akin to real life, that will alter supply chains. Droughts, excessive rains, tornadoes, global warming, and pest attacks can occur suddenly destroying a certain crop. This will cease farming of that particular ingredient for a duration (till the environment is resolved), and could cause inflation in the Farmer’s market.
Last modified 21d ago
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