Everyone has an opinion on Food, and so does the OneRare community. We’re building a community that loves its food and games equally, and enjoys the leap into Web3.
Our community plays a very active role in driving the Foodverse forward : VOTING ON RECIPES The Community gets an active vote in deciding which Dishes go live on OneRare. Each week, upcoming dishes will be proposed to the community and their popular vote will determine which recipes will be uploaded on the menu for minting.
TOKENIZING PERSONAL RECIPES Every month, community members can submit their own family recipes, attributed to them or their loved ones. Through popular vote, the most popular dishes will be created by OneRare artists and tokenized for the menu. The dish will be attributed to our community member/recipe contributor, becoming a cherished OneRare NFT.
FREE MARKET ECONOMY Our Farmers will be creating an authentic Free Market economy that will run similar to real-life farmer markets. They get to determine the pricing of ingredients, and the demand:supply ratio will create competitive pricing forrops. The way increased onion supply in the real-life market causes a price drop, OneRare Onions will also get listed for cheaper if more farmers start selling the crop.
THEMED CONTESTS & QUIZZES With Food being the centre of all celebrations across the world, OneRare will celebrate special occasions & with themed contests and quizzes for our community.
  • Holiday contests for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, Diwali
  • Special Days like World Food Day, International Taco Day
  • World events like Nobel Laureates Dinner Menu, Titanic First Class Menu
The OneRare community will have an active voice in propelling the game forward & helping us grow the foodverse.